Here are some of the comments from our customers:

“My husband and I have been going to Kim’s for over 30 years. He used to take me their on our dates. Now our whole family enjoys going their whenever we want a good Chinese dinner.”
“Kim’s Chinese Restaurant has the most delicious food! The owner of Kim’s restaurant and staffs that work there are always friendly!!! I love their bubble tea!! xD!!”
“Excellent food, great prices, and huge portions. To my knowledge, Kim’s has been open for generations. In my opinion, this is by far the best Chinese Restaurant throughout Michigan. The owner and other staffs are always friendly, courteous, and efficient, and cater to your every need. They work to the best of their ability to satisfy the needs of their customers. The great thing about picking up a carry out order, is they have never forgotten something that we have ordered. They are willing to support charities throughout the city by donating their delicious meals. Their bubble teas are fabulous and enjoyable. The price for bubble tea is by far the best (half priced) compared to very high prices in other restaurants. For a good meal and the right price, you can’t beat Kim’s Restaurant. Their quality and quantity is superb. Strongly recommended! ”
Ying Li
“Kim’s food is delicious, especially their egg rolls!”
“Great service! It’s a very comfortable and friendly place. “
Raymond C.
“Cheap and delicious–what more can you ask for?!”
Jessica & Xue
“Great Food!!!”
K. Jones
“Wonderful food, great service.”
“I have been to a lot of Chinese restaurants and Kim is by far the best in town.”
“Great place to eat in or carry out, fast, tasty. I called in when they at the last minute before closing because I work midnights they got my fresh nice meal in 5 minute, excellent job. “
“I have been coming to Kim’s since I was about 10 years old, which has been about 30 years now. The food is always excellent. The staff are always friendly, courteous and efficient. The great thing about picking up a carry out order, is they have NEVER forgotten something that we have ordered. Thanks for the great service!!”
“Good eggrolls.”
Xuan Tan
“Great place to eat if you’re on the go. Orders come in more than generous proportions. All of the extras they have certainly don’t hurt: bubble tea, smoothies, there really is something to please everyone.”
“Exceptional food, great prices, and huge portions. The staff is friendly and cater to your every need. The car show on Tuesdays is just an added bonus to an enjoyable evening.”
Barb and Jim
“Great food…great service!”
“Year after year, Kim’s has outstanding food for an affordable price.”
“Exceptional food, service, and great prices for the amount of food you get!!! Love the bubble tea!”
“Every one of my family members (40+) from Grosse Pointe area always look forward to enjoying Kim’s restaurant – so much, that I’m not sure if they’re visiting us or Kim’s. If you haven’t tried them to cater a meal, I highly recommend it. They will work with you for your custom meal at an extremely affordable price to feed a crowd!!!”
Sue J
“Kim’s is one of the best Chinese restaurant i ever ate at! After going to eat there the first time, I cannot stop going back to eat because they have such good food! They always do charity and donate food to Athen’s High School’s Ethnic Fair. I LOVE THEIR BUBBLE TEA!!! =)”
“Kim’s Chinese restaurant’s food is very delicious! Especially the egg rolls and sweet and sour chicken! ALL TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT!”
“Kim’s has great food at reasonable prices. The food, service and quality are outstanding.My family has been going there for years and we love it. “
“Kim’s Restaurant has the most delicious food. They also help donate food to my school. Thank you very much and should receive many appreciations.”
William Nham
“We have been eating at Kim’s for quite a few years and love the food and service. The prices are very, very reasonable for all the food you get. The people are great!!!!!!!”
larry & janet childers
“They are awesome!!”
“Best Almond Chicken I ever had.”
“THE BEST!! in and out for lunch and the food is sooooo good…you get more than you can even think to eat! Thanks for the great fast friendly service!”
“Quick and delicious. My wife and I have been coming here for over 10 years. Kim’s is convenient, courteous and authentic. I would highly recommend it to anyone.”
“For a good meal and the right price, you can’t beat Kim’s Restaurant. I’ve been going there for awhile now, and the amount of food they serve you can’t top that at any other places. I call Kim’s Restaurant the Ronald McDonald of fast food Chinese restaurants. Check it out, and order something.”
maurice yang
“Best food out there! I’ve been coming here over 7 years now, and everything else has died by comparison since. Friendly people and the food is always delicious!”
“Delicious and a great value–the combo lunches are super (and there’s always food left over)”
Barb Williams
“Kim’s has everything- great food, smiling faces, outstanding service, nice atmosphere and they are very active in supporting the community. Whether it’s take out or dine in- Kim’s is the Best!”
“As far as chinese food goes, this is the best restaurant I have been to. I live about a mile away, I can call in my order, leave my house and in under 5 minutes (by the time I get there) the order is complete. ”
“I have been ordering no. 7 Almond Boneless Chicken for years. My favorite lunch and always enough for dinner w/my daughter. Keep up the great service and food and I’ll keep coming in or ordering take out. “
Geri Chmielewski
“We’ve been eating at Kim’s for years. You know you are at a good restaurant when your child asks to go there (Kim’s) for Chinese instead of another.”
“Classic place…”its the best”. been going for 30 plus years.”
bill leahy
“I love their Bubble Tea, Bubble Drinks, and Bubble Smoothies! It’s so hard to decide which one is my favorite because they are all so delicious. I try a different one every time I come to Kim’s.”
“Kim’s has great food. All too frequently Chinese food has a bunch of celery stalks and cheap vegetables with little meat, but at Kim’s you get a good vegetable mix; and if you order your food with meat, expect PLENTY of it!! Our family’s favorite take-out and eat in Chinese restaurant is Kim’s.”
Dan chapman
“I have been coming to Kim’s for the past 8 years and wouldn’t choose any other Chinese restaurant. Theirs is the BEST. Good service, friendly staff, and they always remember what you ordered the last time. I vote them #1.”
Kim Brenner
“When Kim asked me to go to this website and vote for the restaurant, I told her I would vote early and often. We always have a great meal and an enjoyable time at Kim’s. The staff is friendly and remembers your favorites. They work hard and I appreciate the results.”
Bill Morrison
“Kim’s has great service and great food. We make it a weekly stop for dinner and the cruise night on Tuesdays. They have always supported the Troy community and Troy supports them. You should try their Almond Boneless Chicken! ”
Kathy Grenier
“The family loves to come here. Everyone is friendly, the food is good & the prices are fair.”
marian brown
“Kim’s is an awesome restaurant! Authentic Chinese food with great prices. The staff is friendly, the service prompt, and the selection dazzling. Kim’s is the “must go to” Chinese restaurant.”
“The best Chinese food I’ve had in Michigan so far. Very affordable too. 2 thumbs up.”
“Kim’s has great food at good prices. I eat there every week.”
“Great food. Excellent bargain. Quality plus quantity!”
Roger Jarema
“Best Chinese food in the area.”
Dan W
“Best Chinese food ever!”
“Awesome food & service. Great place to eat. Highly recommend. Great prices!”
Karen Jarema
“Great Food!”
Eric Foster
“Best Chinese food I’ve had”
Martha Battles
“I have been eating there many years it is my favorite restaurant! Delicious food, huge portions and low prices in a family atmosphere.”
“I have been here many times. The food is always wonderful, the prices are great, and they give you so much food that you have enough for lunch and dinner the next day! Their bubble tea is new and very good. My favorite is honeydew bubble tea. ”
“We have been going to Kim’s for years, and we just LOVE it!! It is definitely the BEST Chinese restaurant in this area, let alone the whole state of Michigan! The service is very friendly and welcoming, the food is superb, the prices are very reasonable for the amount of food you get. The owner and wait staff are genuinely happy to see us every time we go in! We won’t eat at any other Chinese restaurant! Keep up the great work, Kim’s!! P.S. We always have left-overs to bring home, so we can enjoy Kim’s wonderful food for another meal!”
“Kim’s ahs been my favorite Chinese food for at least 20 years. Their Hot & Sour Soup is the bes as well as their egg rolls. They even have the best hot mustard and hot sauce. I’ve tried many of their dishes and love them all. Wish you would open a business in downtown Detroit so I could get a great Chinese lunch. Thanks!”
Donna Macek
“Best place for Chinese food. The sweet and sour pork is great. Boneless almond chicken is the best. There’s so much we can eat it all. We take it home for next day. Service is excellent.”
“Always friendly–food is the BEST!!! Will always make it “your way”. Family friendly and community orientated”
Katherine Duncan
“Our family has been going to Kim”s for about 25 years. No matter what Chinese restaurant we try, we always return to Kim’s. Try the sweet and sour wan ton entree. It’s great!”
Barbara Risch
“Best bubble tea & great price in town!”
Cynthia Zhang
Sample Content
“There’s no need to visit the rest, when KIM’S is the BEST!”
“Almond Chicken is best around.”
Will Przesmycki
“Great egg rolls, hot & sour soup and homemade dinner rolls.”
“The main stay of traditional Chinese food in Troy! Great value.”
“Great food! Great Prices! Friendly staff!”
“The BEST Chinese food in the metropolitan area, hands down. The atmosphere is friendly and the food is plentiful, not to mention the reasonable prices. If you have ever wanted to try Chinese, start here and I guarantee you will love it! – Long-time, faithful customer.”
“We have been going there for years and their food quality is always consistent. Not once have I had a problem with their service. They also have some very good deals, such as the almond boneless chicken. They give you so much that you can eat for at least 2 days. Not to mention.. their egg rolls are delicious!”

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